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Cradle of the Italian language, home of such chosen spirits as Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo and of enlightened governors, in the 14th Century Florence gave birth to the Renaissance movement, which then spread throughout Europe: a movement which featured a renewed use of the Latin language and literature, the free flourishing of arts, politics and customs.

This spirit of renewal is still very much alive today in the area of Florence, among its inhabitants and its enterprises. Some companies have turned high technology into a creed, and are world leaders thanks to the excellence of their products.

It was in Florence, in 1964, that Fiorello and Carla Sodi set up "Sodi Costruzioni Elettromeccaniche", the core of today's Sodi Scientifica. The initial technical design activities were accompanied by the production of electro-diagnostic equipment, then of products for environmental protection and systems for electronic detection of road traffic, thus giving rise to the Environmental Division and the Traffic Division.

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