Code of Conduct

Sodi Scientifica SpA has adopted the organizational and management model envisaged by Legislative Decree 06/08/2001 n ° 231, encoding ethical principles and standards of conduct that have always characterized the company's management.
Core Principles
- Compliance with laws and regulations of the Italian Republic and the European Union, as well as foreign countries in which it operates.
- Business organization with internal separation of functions as to identify those authors and the traceability of their activities, both to prevent conflicts of interest, and who operates or directs the office is responsible for implementing the model.
- The right to demand conducts in accordance with this model, insist on it, to report non-performance of the model, the rejection of applications, where it was asked or ordered to knowingly violate it, and to report to the Administrative Body the Board of Trustees contexts illegal or violations of laws. If the behavior can be misunderstood or viewed as symptomatic of illegal situations and contexts, the recipient must avoid it, even if permitted or not prohibited by this model.


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