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1 "Autovelox" is ...
2 How does Autovelox work?
3 Two cars appear in the same picture: is the fine still valid?
4 When was the first Autovelox made?
5 Can Autovelox be intercepted?
6 Is it useful to advise others how to avoid speed control?
7 Is speed the main cause of accidents?
8 Are the Autovelox calibrated?
9 Are the Autovelox lasers harmful for the eyes?


1 Question: "Autovelox" is ...
Answer: ... a trademark registered by Sodi Scientifica SpA, although it has become a synonym for speed control. It is worthy of note that this term has been included in dictionaries of the Italian language for years.


2 Question: How does Autovelox work?
Answer: Autovelox is based on a pair of laser beams crossing the road at right angle towards the traffic flow. Interruption of the two beams by the passing vehicle (car, motorcycle or truck) leads to the speed on the basis of the space/time ratio, where the space is the space between the two laser beams and the time is the time passing between the interruption of the first and the second beam.


3 Question: Two cars appear in the same picture: is the fine still valid?
Answer: The position of the vehicles in the picture establishes which one has committed the violation with certainty. Also, thanks to a special device, the latest generation of Autovelox takes two pictures of each violating vehicle, and one of these shows only the violating vehicle.


4 Question: When was the first Autovelox made?
Answer: The first studies by Fiorello Sodi date back to 1966. In the 1970's, following the oil crisis, these studies took the concrete shape of a product with the model "101" sold to the Italian Traffic Police.


5 Question: Can Autovelox be intercepted?
Answer: Tests carried out over the years have proven that every kind of device available on the market to detect the Autovelox is ineffective.


6 Question: Is it useful to advise others how to avoid speed control?
Answer: It certainly is, if we want to avoid spending money or having our licence taken away. But there is also a crude fact: speed kills. Flashing lights or sending radio messages to tell other drivers that there is a squad with an Autovelox is certainly a popular custom, but it is also extremely dangerous for all those who every day drive on our roads, since it spreads the idea of being above the law, and induces people to step on the gas pedal.


7 Question: Is speed the main cause of accidents?
Answer: The most recent statistics on accidents due to the behaviour of drivers show that speed is the most important cause of accidents after lack of attention when driving. The third main factor is tailgating (distance between cars).


8 Question: Are the Autovelox calibrated?
Answer: Yes. Sodi Scientifica performs a first calibration at the time the device is sold. Later, on request by the police, it carries out routine calibrations on the basis of UNI EN ISO:9001:2000 certified company procedures.


9 Question: Are the Autovelox lasers harmful for the eyes?
Answer: No, the lasers installed on ALL the Sodi Scientifica equipment have been certified to be Class 1 ("CLASS 1 eye safe") and have passed the strictest international tests on laser emission safety.



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