Road safety

Awareness campaigns on road safety published by some countries in the world.

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SPAIN: campaign published by the Spanish Government at end of 2010 for the respect of speed limits.


AUSTRALIA: campaign published by Transport Accident Commission Victoria to reduce over speeding attitude of the drivers.


: a powerful campaign made by the Quebec government about speeding. It was broadcasted in theatres in 2004.

: movement for Safe Traffic. Campaign “Slow Down Speed!


FRANCE: French campaign for the respect of speed limits.

IRELAND: “Loaded Weapon”, the winning entry in a creative competition created by Road Safety Authority, Ireland and Setanta Insurance.


IRELAND: “The Faster the Speed, the Bigger the Mess” is a sixty second public service campaign by the Department of the Environment in Northern Ireland and Republic of Ireland's Road Safety Authority”.


NTHSA Speed Enforcement Program Guidelines

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The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and the Federal Highway Administration have developed Speed Enforcement Program Guidelines to provide law enforcement personnel and decision makers with detailed information on how to establish and maintain an effective speed enforcement program.

NTHSA Speed Enforcement Program Guidelines


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