TR 2000 Plus simple and complex reaction time meter

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tr 2000 renderThe new simple and complex reaction time meter  TR2000 Plus has the following new features compared to the previous model TR2000:

  • Test results can be stored on a USB pen-drive: the TR2000 + creates a CSV file that can be imported into MS Excel or other software for data analysis;
  • The latest software generation for the management of the following features:
    - Import data from CSV files;
    - Generate report with logo and name of the examiner;
    - Configuration of the instrument (date / time setup);
    - Archiving of files of any size;
  • Restyling of the instrument;
  • PC type bag.

TR 2000 + allows for the aptitude test for the achievement of driving licenses in categories C, D and E and the special licenses in categories C and D.


  • Simple reaction time - visual;
  • Simple reaction time - auditory;
  • Selectivity;
  • Visual alert;
  • Auditory alert;
  • Alertness;
  • Setting the minimum and maximum value of the reaction time beyond which to consider the measurement as an error;
  • Setting percentage interval's percentage between pulses;
  • Choice of printing summary graphics in addition to the numerical results.

These functions allow the unit, for example, to be also used in the field of psychiatry especially among children, to monitor the effectiveness over time of a given therapy.

TR 2000 + is a medical electrical equipment according to the instructions of the EEC Directive 93/42 implemented by the Decree 46 of 24 February 1997. In accordance with Directive 93/42 the TR2000 + is rated: DEVICE IN CLASS I The TR 2000 + is designed according to EN 60601-1 1998/12 (CEI 62.5) and is classified as: a device with internal power source applied part type B.

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