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Roadside box for Autovelox speed camera

Thanks to over  our 40 years of experience in speed enforcement, Sodi Scientifica is today able to proudly offer the new Autobox Smart fixed speed camera site. It consists of a steel body with an exclusive triangular design, which combines compact weight and dimensions with improved resistance against vandalism. It may be anchored to the ground by means of tie rods.

Fixed speed camera installations have proven to be remarkably effective in road safety campaigns. AutoBox sites are typically placed near to road and highway accident hotspots. The automatic controls ensure optimum use of manpower, minimising labour-intensive activity whilst improving operator safety. Furthermore, ‘dummy’ camera installations in themselves provide a sense of constant supervision and an effective deterrent to speeding. Moreover, the measuring instruments and camera may be removed and refitted with minimum fuss.


Autobox Smart can accommodate all current Autovelox products from Sodi Scientifica: the 104/C-2 with traditional still camera (maximum 800-photo capacity), the 105 SE with digital video camera and the 104/e. A flash and dedicated casing may also be installed to provide 24/7, round-the-clock performance.

Particular attention has been paid to ensure that the body of the new Autobox Smart camera installation delivers high resistance against atmospheric agents and vandalism. The housing is made of 3mm thick hot-rolled steel,  reinforced with an additional 2mm thick outer casing. The single access door features a double bitted security lock protected by a stainless steel anti-intruder and anti-vandal system The system is fitted with 10 chrome-plated closing bolts and a quadruple hinge with 10 mm. diameter pin. The two portholes, one for the speed sensor and one for the still camera (or video camera), are fitted with 9,5mm thick shatterproof polycarbonate, as well as a special surface coating which enables easy removal of nitro-based spray paint,

AutoBox is fitted with a twilight switch to automatically turn off the unit or activate a flash (if fitted) in the event of poor light. For use with the Autovelox 105SE, AutoBox also includes an air conditioning system which regulates temperature inside the installation. It may be battery-powered (for 104/C-2 and 104/E), or mains-powered.

Sodi Scientifica offers a turnkey service (instrumentation + camera housing + installation) in addition to a manufacturer’s guarantee covering the entire system.

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