Speed Enforcement System

OCR Optical characters recognizer

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Functions and definitions

OCR is the acronyms of “Optical Characters Recognizer” but with our Autovelox it would be more appropriate to call it ANRP (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) since it dose not simply recognize the characters but it  recognizes and reads license plates.

The applications of the speed measuring device Autovelox 105SE are:

  1. reduce back office processing time by eliminating the need of manually inserting the license plate numbers
  2. automatically detect stolen cars by comparison of the internal database


REDS Lite Software for data download from Autovelox 105SE

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REDS Lite 1.0 is a software product which allows the download of infraction data from our speed camera "Autovelox 105 SE" to a PC Server of the client (user). The PC Server is NOT supplied by SODI Scientifica. About security,  data is encrypted and pictures are digitally signed.  An Ethernet 10/100 Mbps network is needed to connect speed camera "Autovelox 105 SE" to the PC Server. Installation of the network infrastructure is on client’s charge. SODI Scientifica supplies a software code sample which can be used, by the client or by a third party appointed by him, as platform on which he can develop the decryption and verification software for the digital signature of the infraction data downloaded on the client’s server.  With the product REDS Lite a sample software is supplied for the remote verification of the working state of the speed camera "Autovelox 105 SE".



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