Autovelox 104e

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Laser speed enforcement system


The speed camera Autovelox®104/e is a practical and effective solution for road vehicle speed measurement. The measurements employ a pair of harmless, undetectable class 1 laser beams, placed perpendicularly to the flow of traffic; breaking the beams in sequence results in a speed measurement and, in case of excess of speed, activates the imaging equipment to register the image of the violating vehicle on magnetic tape.

The system has the following principal components:

  • Laser measurement system
  • Colour videocamera unit, available in two versions:

o single videocamera for single carriageways

o dual videocamera for single/dual carriageways

  • Control unit with QWERTY keyboard and integrated VCR, to provide registration of an image of violating vehicles and a single frame image including all identifying data
  • Portable videoprinter B/W
  • And, optionally, flash unit for night-time imaging and tripod

All Autovelox systems are characterized by extreme ease of use.

  • Once installed, the unit operates automatically and, when necessary, under the supervision of an officer
  • Thanks to its undetectable Bluetooth® wireless transmission, the entire unit requires only one cable for hookup
  • For vehicle-mounted installation, the laser measurement unit mounts on the vehicle’s roof or hood on a magnetic base and without the need for cabling
  • The videocamera unit has a completely automatic lens unit
  • The vehicle-mounted unit fits in a single case with telescopic handle and wheels for ease of handling
  • To minimize the weight and size of the unit, the video printer is intended for office use, and automatically prints out all recorded images

The Autovelox® 104/e maintains its renowned flexibility in application. In the basic configuration, the unit can be used mounted to a vehicle or in a fixed installation. In its mobile configuration, the entire unit can be installed on a single carbon fibre tripod (optional).

Additional features:

  • positioning to the left or right of the traffic flow
  • storage of data for up to 100,000 violating vehicles (date, time, speed, length, direction of travel, locality, number of image), downloadable via the Ethernet port
  • dual speed measurement for a single vehicle
  • day- and night-time operation
  • monitoring of all transiting vehicles without operator intervention
  • equally efficient detection during the day and night
  • detects cars, motorcycles and trucks
  • assignment of specific speed limits for light and heavy vehicles as a function of their length
  • optimal license plate legibility due to the fixed imaging distance


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