Autovelox 105 SE

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Digital Video Laser Speed Enforcement System



Our speed camera "Autovelox 105 SE" signals the definitive change to digital imaging technology in speed enforcement. No more wet-film development or analog video system evaluation, but digital images recorded and retrieved via central computer. Digital information management allows a substantial increase in efficiency trough the complete automation of the violation process. Image and violation data can be easily processed at once, thus avoiding any operation required by the traditional film.



Main advantages:

  • optimizing the deployment of officers through the reduction of labor intensive activities
  • reducing the lead time up to 7-10 days, thereby influencing the attitude of motorists towards speeding
  • increasing safety of officers by means of unattended equipment which reduce the cost of manual operations
  • avoiding the processing of film and the pollution it causes.

How it works:

The speed measurement of the Autovelox 105 SE is based on the space/time principle, conceived by Sodi Scientifica in the '60 and now built with the latest technology available. Pair of Class 1 (eye-safe) laser beams placed at right angles towards the direction of traffic are being interrupted by vehicles passing, enabling speed detection and capture of digital image. A third laser beam allows the system to intercept the position of each vehicle, thereby optimizing the whole operation. SPECIAL FEATURES Each violation triggers two digital pictures: the wide-angle image provides an overall view of the detection area, where as the zoom image gives a close-up of the rear number plate. Data are first temporarily stored on hard disc and then permanently stored on WORM compact disc. Storing all information on a non-rewritable CD ensures that they are original evidences and can therefore be used in court. Remote data transmission is also protected against tampering through the use of encryption systems. In order to operate on multi-lane roads and to frame the number plate, Autovelox 105 SE is equipped with a truly innovative device: the laser detector recognizes the exact position of the infringing vehicle (1st, 2nd or 3rd lane) and immediately moves the camera set to the correct location to capture the event.

  • Autovelox 105 SE is a multipurpose equipment. The following parameters may be enforced:
    • speed
    • tailgating (distance between cars) on single or multi-lane roads
    • bus lane
    • cars only
  • Can be mounted, without any modification at a stationary site:
    • for an automatic unattended operation  on a tripod
    • in a patrol vehicle, for an attended operation
  • Operates in Italian, English, Chinese, Malaysian, and many other languages
  • May operate from the left or right side of the road. This feature allows, for example, detection from a cabinet placed between two carriageways
  • May transmit the captured images to a downstream patrol by means of a wireless non-interceptable system, in order to issue the ticket on the spot
  • Once installed, it requires no intervention. The color touch screen (no keyboard) and the intuitive graphical user interface, developed under Microsoft Windows NT, allows for an extreme ease of use.

Special Features:

  • Speed measurement is based on Laser (Class 1) and can monitor up to three (3) lanes
  • Dual digital color pictures for each offence
  • Multipurpose equipment which is able to enforce, Speed, Tailgating (distance between cars), Bus Lane and Cars Only
  • Can be mounted at a stationary site, on a tripod or in a patrol vehicle on both sides of the road
  • Operates in attended or unattended mode day or night
  • Detects cars, trucks and motorcycles
  • Allows immediate display of the image to the driver for instant issuing of the citation
  • Easy to use thanks to the Touch Screen and to the intuitive user interface software based on Microsoft® Windows NT®
  • Data security obtained by the usage of a CD-R WORM (Write Once Read Multiple) system and the use of encryption codes
  • Operates in Italian, English, Chinese, Malaysian, Spanish, French Installed within the Mount Blanc and the Frejus tunnels

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