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KV Laser, by Sodi Scientifica, is an innovative traffic counter designed to monitor the traffic flow.


Quickly Deployed: KV Laser is a stand alone unit which does not require external detectors. This eliminates the need for disruptive roadworks normally associated with the installation of other types of traffic monitoring systems.


Digital: KV Laser is at the leading edge of technology. The data is easily exported directly into any standard spread sheet software package for analysis. Our specialist software is also available as an optional extra.

Portable: thanks to its dimensions, weight and to the fact it can be powered from a battery pack, KV Laser can easily be transferred from one location to another without traffic disruption.


KV Laser works on a time distance basis. The device calculates the speed and length of a vehicle from the time taken to break the two beams and how long the beams are disturbed for. These calculations are then stored in memory along with time and date information. At the conclusion of the survey the information is then easily downloaded, via supplied software, for analysis within a standard spreadsheet software package or the optional software available from Sodi Scientifica. Please take in to account that if the instrument is used on roads with several lanes, it will be necessary to take into account a percentage of reading cancellations due to the fact that several vehicles may be passing in front of the detector at the same time.


KV Laser is available in two formats, roadside and vehicle/tripod mounted, although the equipment can be adapted between the two.

Roadside Version:

Vehicle/Tripod Mount Version:

This system consists of the laser detection module, data download software, and a stainless steel minibox, supplied with fixings for easy installation on any roadside pole. The box is IP55 environmentally sealed with vandal resistant portholes, coated to allow easy removal of spray paint Power can be internally supplied via an optional battery pack, or externally from a nearby power source. This system would be suitable for long term surveys.


This version includes the laser detection module, data download software, battery pack, window mount and transport case. The system is able to be mounted as shown below or on a tripod for short term surveys. Both systems are easily installed and do not need specialist skills to operate.

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