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Great interest in our latest SODI ACADEMY Webinar

On the 23rd of March 2022, we held a Sodi Academy webinar on the topic “Firenze, un caso di successo nel rilevamento automatico della velocità urbana” in partnership with Comune di Firenze, Associazione Lorenzo Guarnieri, and ASAPS Associazione Amici della Polizia stradale. The event was a great success, with 178 attendees who listened to the key speakers, testimonials and the case history of how the installation of our products made Florence’s street safer.

The event was focused on showcasing how road safety can be improved with the use of high-end technology, such as speed cameras with fixed positioning produced by Sodi Scientifica, who invented the first speed camera, Autovelox, in the 1960s.

Stefano Guarnieri, Vice-president of Associazione Lorenzo Guarnieri, presented very interesting research, conducted by the University of Florence, which highlights the differences between the Italian legislations and other european countries on the topic of road safety and the use of speed cameras.

Luigi Altamura, the Chief of Police from Verona, has introduced the new legislation ‘Codice della Strada dal DL Semplificazioni del 2021’, from the highway code, which states that speed cameras can now be installed in urban areas, where most of road accidents occur.

Consecutively, Stefano Giorgetti, Assessor of Mobility and Florence Police Department, has shared his experience on how through the installation of Sodi’s Autovelox speed cameras on Florence roads and the David Project held in collaboration with the NGO Associazione Guarnieri, he was able to demonstrate his effort improving the city’s road safety.

Lastly, the Chief Officer Giacomo Tinella and the Chief of Public Administration, Fabrizio Torrini, shared how they were able to receive the authorization from the Prefects of Florence to install the instruments in the urban streets. Their experience was key, as it motivate other Chief Officers in launching similar projects by installing Autovelox speed cameras in their districts.

The final survey among the participants confirmed the full success of the event.