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salvini piano sicurezza stradale

Minister Salvini launches a road safety plan for Italy

The Deputy Prime Minister and Minister Matteo Salvini commented on the report on road accidents in 2022, released by the Statistics Office of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport with contributions from Istat, Aci, Aiscat, Inail, State Police, Arma dei Carabinieri, University of Rome “Sapienza” and other sector bodies. The minister took the opportunity to present his road safety plan. Below are his words.

Minister Salvini’s comment on the 2022 road accident report

“Statistics on road accidents in Italy are dramatic and they have been worsening, particularly when compared to other European countries: for this reason I feel the duty to draw the attention on the topic, re-launching the data through the Ministry’s website. It is necessary to work hard to reverse this tragic trend, also noted by the President of the Republic during his New Year’s speech.

It is equally necessary to inform the public, so that the right awareness road rules are acquired from a very young age. In families and at school.

Following the rules is a duty and a form of respect for yourself and for others. A brief distraction from driving, like reading a text, can cause dramatic consequences.

The numbers indicate that more people lose lives on Italian roads compared to the other 14 European countries: in the Old Continent the ratio of victims/million inhabitants is 44.7, while in Italy in 2021 the figure reaches 48.5 (it was 40.2 in 2020, but the limitations caused by Covid also had a role in that).”

Road safety plan: update of the Highway Code and increase the education on road safety in schools

The Minister has made it known that the MIT (Minister of Infrastructures and Trasportations) technicians are already working on the next update of the Highway Code. The planned intervention package will include very severe measures for those who cause serious accidents under the influence of alcohol and drugs. Salvini did not exclude road safety education in schools, awareness campaigns and the importance of roadbed maintenance from his speech.

“I have read too many dramatic stories, with people of all ages who have lost their lives in an absurd, horrific, banal way.

As Deputy Prime Minister and Minister, I will do everything possible to guarantee citizens a safer mobility.

We owe it to ourselves, but above all to our children and grandchildren.”

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The Minister’s statements were extrapolated from the article published on the official MIT website.