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Sodi’s business success with the new Autovelox

from Il sole 24 Ore

After three years of research and development, the world’s internationally cutting-edge new-generation speed enforcement camera, “signed” by one of the industry leaders, the company Sodi Scientifica of Calenzano (Florence), is being launched on the market: compact and lightweight (the weight has been reduced by 7000), it can be used on both mobile and fixed stations, has no connecting cables (it is the first wireless instrument) and can be controlled through a tablet.

But above all, thanks to the laser technologies developed by the Florentine company that was set up in 1964, which invented and registered the Autovelox brand, this has become the commercial name of road speed measuring devices. The device is able to detect vehicles sequentially on one, two, three and up to four lanes, taking high-resolution digital photographs (and automatically obscuring vehicles that do not commit infringements, thereby respecting the confidentiality laws).

Car drivers are therefore warned: the speed camera has become bi-directional, and therefore “sees” vehicles passing in both directions. Sodi Scientifica’s patented technology has been called “Tof” (time of flight, because it measures the flight-light time given by the laser beam rebound) and extends the innovative range of the company that has recently celebrated 50 years of trading: Sodi was the first company in the world, in the Nineties, to develop laser technology to electronically identify breaches of the Highway Code.

The new instrument, christened Autovelox 106, and approved by the Ministry of Transport on 6 August, was presented a few days ago in Riccione on the occasion of the local Police Days, and has already been tested by the police of Prato (in addition to exceeding speed limits, it is used to detect vehicles without insurance).

Sodi Scientifica focuses on the latter to push development. “We have high expectations, both in Italy and abroad – explains Paolo Sodi, managing director of the family business – because Autovelox 106, condensing all the experience accumulated over 50 years, is intended to represent the new reference point of the market”.

With a view to expansion, Sodi Scientifica, earning four million in revenue from the 20% overseas market, is especially looking at the Arab and Asian countries, also because, Sodi explains, “in the EU, each nation has different technical standards for the use of speed cameras”.

It is thus better to focus on the Arab countries that demand quality, also from an aesthetic point of view. That’s why design is important for the Autovelox 106.