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Speed and Red Light Enforcement test in Ankara (Turkey)

In cooperation with the traffic police in Ankara, we installed two trial devices in Ankara. The sites were chosen by the Turkish police, both intended for the Dikmen Caddesi area.

The first unit was the Autostop HD with the functions of speed and red traffic light control; the second unit was the Autovelox 105 SE for speed control.

Collected data

This analysis is the result of a 3-day data collection period (5 to 7 January 2012), performed by the Autovelox 105SE.
Both devices were configured to capture images of vehicles travelling at a speed of at least 71 km/h:

  • 12,610 vehicles passed by.
  • Of these, 9,048 (71.75%) vehicles were travelling over the limit of 51 km/h.
  • Average speed of vehicles during the day: 78.8 km/h.
  • Average speed of vehicles at night: 83.3 km/h.
  • Maximum recorded speed of transit: 138 km/h, 7 January at 5:38:05 (photo included below).

The following graph shows the transit frequency divided by speed groups. Most cars (i.e. 4,096 or 32.48%) were travelling in the range of 51 to 60 km/h.

This graph, instead, illustrates the distribution of the offences during day-time hours. It is clear that the infractions are more common at night: less traffic, perception of less control, and so on. Conversely, during peak hours, i.e. at noon, the lowest rate of infractions was recorded: