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Speed enforcement sites in the KPE Tunnel in Singapore

The city of Singapore has historically been plagued by traffic problems given the limited land availability and high number of inhabitants, from this perspective LTA (Land Transportation Authority) has been looking for alternative solutions to lighten traffic loads, one of which was the construction of underground arteries that allow you to cross the city without burdening of surface traffic.

The first part of this ambitious project involved the connection between two major arteries:

  • East Coast Parkway (ECP) in the south;
  • Tampines Expressway (TPE) to the northeast.

The 75% of this new highway would have been underground.

When the project was already practically defined the tragic fire accident in the Mont Blanc Tunnel of the 24th March 1999 drastically changed the outlook and imposed to LTA to equip the new tunnel with the most innovative security and control systems.

It was immediately clear that speed control was necessary to ensure safety in the tunnel. Therefore LTA started a series of trials and comparative tests between the various manufacturers of speed enforcement units.

The tests were very strict, selection lasted two years with numerous trials, and tests, the final choice rewarded Sodi Scientifica and the local partner Tyco for the reliability of the instrument and for outstanding photographic results obtained in the complex environment of the tunnel.

The installation began in 2004 and the opening of the first part of the tunnel took place October 26, 2007, the total length (including underground and over ground) was 12 km.

With a construction cost of 1.7 billion Singapore dollars
• 9 km of underground tunnel
• 6 lanes (3 in each direction)

During the first week of operation, 3,400 infringing vehicles were detected. The excellent results achieved in these years allowed the installation of other Autovelox units in the new expressway (opened in 2008) called MCE Marina Coastal Expressway.


Video of a speeding vehicle in the KPE Tunnel in Singapore: